After some research I finally discover these green mouthfuls of deliciousness we know as 'feijoa' are called 'pineapple guavas' in English. Originally grown in South America and now quite commonly found in Italy, they are special favourites and they grow by our gate. You cut them in half along the equator with a sharp knife to reveal a beautiful symmetric design in soft flesh that tastes citrussy and fresh, no two designs are the same... In winter months you can just feel the pure vitamins doing you good. It's impossible to eat just a few, our plates are usually piled high with the peel halves...

These red bobbly friends, look like sweets hanging from the tree. Their soft insides are always a bit of a disappointment, and a bit woolly, though the joy of picking them and eating them straight from the tree compensates for the texture. They come from the Strawberry tree or Irish Strawberry Tree, which is happy in the mediterranean climate.

These are our cotogne, or quinces. My mother has just picked them and made 'cotognata', or a firm quince jelly that is delicious with cheese or as a sweet nibble cut into small cubes, to be enjoyed after a meal instead of chocolate... a true taste of the winter garden.